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Thank you for letting us be a part of supporting your worthwhile cause - we are so glad you're here. We can't wait to help you raise some serious funds!

Take a look at the details on this page for more info on how it works, and when you're ready just fill out and submit the Fundraising Request Form at the bottom to get started!

Fundraising Program Details

We work with you to select 10-12 of our best-selling items and create a custom sales sheet that features item names, descriptions, prices, etc. (much like a Girl Scout Cookie Sales Form). 

How Long?

Each fundraiser lasts a period of three weeks. At the end of the sale, you submit your orders and all items are delivered to you in bulk three weeks later.

How Much?

Each fundraiser earns 30% of sales, plus bonuses!

What Else?

All you have to do is sell items, submit your orders, and then unpack, organize, and distribute your delivery. And then the best part - cash your check!

Ready to Start?

Submit Your Fundraising Request below and we will be in touch!

Submit Your Fundraiser Request

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