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Peter Piper's Pickle Palace

Offering speciality pickle products since 2013

-   ABOUT US  -

Pickled cucumbers in bowl on wooden rust

Philip, Tara, and Arthur Dolgan had an idea...

To take pickles and olives to the next level - offering superior taste and quality.

Years of research, recipe-testing and perfecting came to reality when the Dolgan family opened their shop at the Renninger's Farmers' Market in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in October of 2013. Flavor, freshness, quality, and sampling brought with them instant success and rave reviews.

Overwhelming demand led to the opening of additional locations - most notably at the Leesport Farmers' Market in Leesport, Pennsylvania - as well as an offering of worldwide shipment for fans across the globe.


Peter Piper's Pickle Palace offers more than twenty-two varieties of fresh pickles, hand stuffed olives, pepper shooters, and homemade cheese dips. We offer sour, salty, spicy, and sweet options that will satisfy your taste buds beyond anything you have ever experienced.

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